Admissions Process

How to begin your child's journey...

The admissions process- How it is done

Step 1: To start the admissions process, please submit electronic request through  Register Online page. We will issue a unique identification number for your child. Please ensure to keep that number in a safe place as you will need it in order to complete the rest of the admissions process.

Step 2: Bring the unique ID number to the school along with the required documents from you and your child. The required documents are:

Required document list as mentioned below

  • Parents valid photo ID.
  • Child's ID.
  • Child's last report card from previous school.
  • Two passport size photo of the child.
  • Child's immunization record.

Step 3: Student will write an exam and sit for an interview to determine his/her suitability in the requested year level.

Step 4: Upon fulfillment of the requirements stipulated above, the student will be offered a place in the school. Then the parents will pay US $ 50 deposit for reserving the class spot for the child. The deposited money will be deducted from the school fees.

For further information contact the registrar on +26261-9-312457.